Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Attila (1954) vs. Attila (2001)

Settling in to watch the 1954 version of Attila with Anthony Quinn, Sophia Loren and Henri Vidal.

Filmed in Italy and France, it seems to be a much more "realistic" than the 2001 version.

Pretty frikkin awetastic so far. A lot of drama and Rome diplomacy...

I would like to say that, right now, even as I watch it in Turkish on Youtube, it is looking better than Gerard Butlers TV flick.

That  was pretty dumb in my opinion.

Whoops, the one on Youtube is not actually the full movie. Around halfway in, it repeats the first part of the movie.

Oh! found a better copy...

Here is the full movie that can be watched, though you might not understand it unless you speak Attilastani, which I am sure is not a real language...


Below are some stills from the movie that I just might use on the cards.

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