Friday, May 31, 2013

a bay full of pirates

one year ago i was happy to be on the front page of the pirate bay all memorial weekend.

it was a great time that saw our games website pop up into the hundreds of thousands with unique visitors views and was really flooded with good vibes from game players and well-wishers.

you may not agree with the pirate bay or file sharing but everyone likes free stuff which is what prompted me to make this ad using and their powerful flash comic building tool.

one year ago i was so happy with them and their decision to let me have my ad on the front page that i even made a "the pirate bay" card.

if you haven't seen it, here it is again, and i made it "trans-dimensional" to where it can be played in EVERY version of empires and generals in EVERY language for ALL ETERNITY.

and even today i still receive hits from, the archive for all the former front pagers there at the pirate bay.

also for you who noticed, i changed the number of the old card, as the number was replaced by the card: "something to prove" which was EGSEUST2. that number is still in use by "something to prove" but the new number for the "the pirate bay" card is EGGFE256 which is kind of a pun in and of itself.

the actual number system is

EG - empires and generals
GFE - game fan edition
256 - the number of card in that set

but my pun that i have devised is

EGG - an egg. wholesome goodness that hatches life
FE - elemental code for iron.
256 -

so without (even more) delay, here is their old card and the new card that i have made as a memento for this occasion.

don't use the old card anymore, i just wanted to put it up here because it's a good memory.

old card-

new card-

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