Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15/13 - productivity is a question.

sitting at my job waiting for the last fifteen minutes i realized that twiddling my thumbs was not the answer where productivity was the question

so i got out a pen and paper and decided to round out some new kingdom card ideas.

going to add a couple of specific kingdom cards that play well with the total culture of your deck should you choose to go single empire-minded.

let's say: "if all cards in play are X then Y."

X = rome, china, huns, egypt, greece, persia, maurya... etc...

Y = all strategy cards that cost more than 3 resources now all cost 2 resources

Y = chose one tactic card that was just played, discard it, no actions on tactics card may occur. this card trumps all actions on any one tactics card played and being discarded.

Y = entice an attacking unit, this unit is now controlled by you but must stay in the battlefield.

Y = etc...

so... that kind of thing

i think that will be cool to try to get back in the groove of single empires.

i might call them "dynasty" cards with the text in the middle upper between the empire and the type of card. i think this would be nice. so, a proposed four or eight new kingdom cards are on the way.

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