Thursday, June 21, 2012

6/21/12 and notes on alexander the great

finished jomom period ancient japan cards for tokyo in tulsa demonstration

worked a bit on the large list of empires.

ancient japan will appear in the warlord edition.

here is the brief list so far for antiquity.

after antiquity i plan on making medieval decks.

The Ancient World

Family Edition

The Huns
Republic of Rome
Egyptian Empire
Ancient China

Expanded Edition

Ancient Greece
Persian Empire

Warlord Edition

Ancient Japan

Mesopotamian Edition


*i have received some criticism in releasing the macedonian deck so late. the thought here is that we needed to establish someone for alexander the great to fight. we know that his kingdom is the culmination of the ancient greeks and persians so i could not release them in the same edition. and he thought about fighting carthage, but didn't really like navys at all, he thought little of rome and maurya was who he never defeated...

so you could really say that every deck in the expanded edition ties in with his deck.

it will be worth the wait.

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