Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6/27/12 - ancient greece notes and other stuff

working on finalizing ancient greece.


some ancient greece info:

ancient greece deck has naval soldier cards that work from the warcamp like triremes.

there are tactics cards that target naval cards specifically and do one of two things depending on if they are attacking or defending.

i've also built in a couple of cards that are specifically anti-persian in nature. one of them, Betrayal of Alcibiades, is REALLY cool, giving you an instant general as a tactics card. i didn't realize how awesome it was until i started doing my mental interactions simulations. WOW. even though it is a rare card, every deck will want to have one if you are going a coin resource/rush deck.

coin continues to be fun with ancient greece. there is a new marketplace that serves as a permanent place to put your cards that are "resource traders" that stick around longer than the gypsy traders seem to. mycenae trade ship, corinth market, lydian coin merchant and preistesses of delphi hang out and do specific things from the marketplace that other resources do not do. so now you can have four types of cards in your supply pile. Resources, Specialty Resources, Resource Traders and Acts of God.

ALL very cool.

playtesting the greeks with my beta tester group very soon. am excited.


edited the video contest to 2-6 minutes instead of 2-5 minutes.

samsons pintrest page (located bottom left of home page on main site) is picking up some followers. very nice.

samson has also made some suggestions for the aztec deck in the forums here. noted and filed. good ideas.

the aztec deck will be a couple of years away unless my fans start giving me a reason to quit my day job and do this for my real job. hint hint.

tokyo in tulsa free promo cards are done and are pretty powerful. here is a link to those cards.

jomon dogu is such a cool thing that didn't exist in japan after the jomon pottery period that i have included all the cool pictures that i could find. it is the same reference number but since you can have five commons, i figured that it might be fun. yay free art!

acts of God cards continue to fascinate me when i daydream about possible game outcomes. seriously. pretty flipping awesome.

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