Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some more minor fixes to wording in the rules.

hey there kids!

fixing stuff again!

there still seems to be some confusion on the game with army phase and attack phase. since i am a bit of a wacko, i will go ahead and blame it on myself and not paying enough attention to detail.

ok in a turn based strategy system you have several things going on. since the scope of E&G is soooo big, i had to tame down or slow down time for the battle sequences and speed up time for the kingdom progression. obviously you cannot build the wall in the time it takes for one bushel of food to get from the hometown to the battlefront.

so we have to take things one step at a time where our fighting boys are concerned.

here it is in a nutshell:

during army phase... every card one moves
during attack phase... one card attacks

pretty simple. sorry again for not being specific enough. i just rewrote the whole thing about attack phase. also, i took off "one inch" because no one in my country taught me the metric system.



Army Phase

5) You may move any soldiers to or from Battlefield to Warcamp. Cards in Battlefield do not have to attack, they can remain dormant. Once the turn moves on past the Army Phase, you may not move units.


Attack Phase

1) You must have a General in play to place a unit in Battlefield, unless otherwise stated.

2) Choose one available Soldier card or General Card or unit in Battlefield to attack with. The unit must be a single card or a group of cards banded or equipped together. You may attack with only one unit per turn.

3) Present your unit to attack. Push the attacking card forward a bit towards your opponent that you have chosen to attack to show the attack. State your attack.

4) Defender may choose who blocks the attack, unless stated otherwise.

5) Defender player pushes forward defending unit. 

6) Use the Attack Resolution Card to determine outcome of attack.

Note: Attack is not Counter-Attack. Every Blocking/Defending Unit is Counter attacking while they are also Blocking/Defending. At the left you see that Julius Caesar is Counter attacking Samson with an 8 against Samson's Life of 2. In this instance, no matter who initiated the attack, they are both dead and discarded.

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