Sunday, June 17, 2012

Samson's Desk.

Notes from the desk of Samson:

June 17th -

1) Buhen fortress is the most strongest defense card in te game which has caused stalemates in a few games I've played. You could use this to defend your camp while your warriors go off to war or you could just make a bunch of these and get victory points to win

2) Doing a stone deck with the greatwall of china,semna fortress,city walls, and a bunch of snefru would make a great deck.

3) Flooding cycle could save you from being defeated by a opponant with any deck realy but this makes the perfect anti high costing card, now combine this with coliseam games and hun warrior cards and you have a pretty good combo.

4) Police is one of my new favorite cards think about it how many soldiers in this game have more health then strength? Only 15 or 14 cards! This would be perfect for the stone fortress deck.

Tax farming plus Equite (the highest costing soldier in the game) would generate more salt and stone than any resource card avilable at the moment per turn. Of course this has risks and benefits, your oppanant wont be able to steal him away like a recourse card but cards like Qin Shi Huang could kill him.


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