Friday, June 8, 2012

Rules Clarifications

I have added three items to the rules.

Item 1) It does not matter what "Empires" your deck is comprised of. You may "Mix and Match".

Item 2) Card Mechanics

Shuffle your cards
Let the person on the left cut
Draw seven cards (You can draw x amount from playing deck and y amount from supply as long as x+y=7)

Item 3) Army Phase
5) You may move any soldiers to or from Battlefield to Warcamp. Cards in Battlefield do not have to attack, they can remain dormant.

Thanks to Will, the Lucky Lizard for the catch!


  1. Hey, I have a question about rules. For example, if I have 4 soldiers and 1 general in battlefield, and opponent has 2 defeneders.Can i attack with all my cards, or I can only chose one to attack with?
    And if I can attack with them all can he defend many times with the same card?Also if i attack directly with 4 soldiers and 1 general its -1 CH or -5 CH? Thanks for spending time on this.Pretty intresting game :)

  2. i think i posted this in the forums, but real quick...

    you may only attack one unit per attack phase.

    and one attack no matter how many cards are banded together, and no matter how much the attack is for... is still only ONE cultural health lost. :)