Sunday, July 21, 2013

7/20/13 - hun changes

so hey!

welcome everyone! i've finished up the reworks on all of the unaffiliated, the special edition, china, egypt and the fan edition. going to finish huns and rome pretty soon with card edits and base fixes. the only thing i am really still missing would be the quotes on the bottom so people could learn.

that will take a little time. still feeling a little rough from today. being sick is no fun but i have some good energy now and am going to plow thru some edits on the huns before beddy-by.


here are some of the changes to the huns you will see -

Hun warrior tweaks

based upon a normal bell curve simulation, for the game mechanic, a normal hun warrior would be a 6 total strength/life. so, as there shouldn't be any 0/6 or 6/0 walking around it would be more normal to see any other combination but more of some than of others.

EGFETHS1a - 1/5 - uncommon - 1 water
EGFETHS1b - 2/4 - common - 1 water
EGFETHS1c - 3/3 - common - 1 water
EGFETHS1d - 4/2 - common - 1 water
EGFETHS1e - 5/1 - uncommon - 1 water
EGFETHS1f - 6/1 - uncommon - 2 water
EGFETHS1g - 1/6 - uncommon - 2 water

and i will also change "horde" to "hun horde" because "horde" will be used later.

night raid - changed to uncommon

terror of the steppes - changed to 8 iron cost

riding buckler add "to hand"

xiongnu herritage - add "discarding does not give you resources" or something like that

sword of mars - fix typo

warhorse maneuvers - add "for this turn" on the bonus

shout of horror - typo. unit should be card.


ok, off to work i go i go.

sorry for the nerf you hunniacs!

the adventure never stops!



in lieu of the nerfing, i have went ahead and made the limit to hun horde cards 25 per deck with banded hun horde units not exceeding 5. in effect, this gives one more 15/15 unit to the game on your side for the cost of 5 water.

you're welcome.

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