Monday, July 8, 2013

the long wall

called the "long wall" by the chinese, this is more of a historical wall than the picture that i had of the one from the ming dynasty.

the "great wall" exists in china, mongolia, russia and north korea and is actually around 50 separate buildings (wall sections) that were built over the course of 2,200 years. bullcrap you say? nope. history is just that awesome. you cannot "jog" the entire great wall. some of the gaps are 500 miles apart.

the famous parts that you in see in most photographs are part of the ming dynasty. the important hotspots for tourism is north of and around beijing. it is not possible with the naked eye to see the great wall from space, even from a really low orbit. it is actually easier to see the pyramids of giza.


here's a fixed card. cost reduced by two but you only get one cultural health. it's the same number (EGFEACK5) as the old "Great Wall" card and if you still have it floating around you still have the availability to use it but it is rare so you cannot have Great Wall and Early Long Wall in your deck. only one of the same number allowed in your deck at once (EGFEACK5).

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