Thursday, July 18, 2013

thurs july 18, 2013 - getting ready for gencon

working on getting ready for gencon

it's next month.

one month!

so excited!

several things done...

still some things to do

finishing cards to the newer look.

still need to finish:

egypt resources, huns and romans - soldiers, kingdom, strategy and resources.

then going to print several decks of cards.

i already have two of every deck printed from the old cards.

thinking of just taking those... except for ones that i had major changes to.


i was going to look at a professional printer to get some color cards but i dunno. the money's not there yet.

the tables for gencon are still set and ready!

the games will be

wed, thurs, fri, sat from 9-11pm.

wednesday is free but the other nights are $2 to play (thurs, fri and sat). the money goes to the con.

if you haven't signed up yet, you should!

i'm gonna be there!



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