Monday, July 8, 2013


updates to the glossary

Act of God Card - A Type of Card that represents the "Empire" in its specific cultural uniqueness relative to the game that benefits and/or changes the game play. This card is played as specified. When an Act of God Card is drawn it is played immediately, all regular play ceases and the resolution of the Act of God Card is finished. No Tactics cards may be played during an Act of God Card resolution. Once the resolution of the Act of God card is finished, play continues on as normal.

Water - Water is a subgroup of the Warcamp. Units in water cannot usually go into the Battlefield. If a unit with Water attacks another Units with water, they are considered in a "Water" Battlefield by themselves. If a unit from Warcamp attacks another unit with Water or vise versa, these are to be treated as ranged attacks.

Capitol - One Card dictating the Special Abilities that are not covered by anything else on the map (Markets, Resource Traders or Prisons etc...).

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