Wednesday, August 14, 2013

gencon 2013 8/14/13 - prep

so excited i could almost sing a rebecca black song.


but yes!

headed to indy for gencon tonight.

housesitter agreed to not download the internet.

my best friends wife is having her third little girl today named aaliyah.

sad i can't be there but happy for them all the same.

my manx cat pippen may have feline pink-eye...

and i thought he was just in a winking kinda mood.

i curse you pink eye!


i have a week off from both of my jobs so i can do this gencon thing.

as i would have said in 1992: it's gonna be off the hook.

i'm glad i don't say that anymore.

actually i may have never said that. i just heard it from a friend a lot.

ok it's 12:45.


oh yeah.

worked on the glossary today and cleaned it up a little.

see you later on this evening!



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