Thursday, August 15, 2013

gencon 2013 8/14/13 - player feedback

this morning i awoke to a text from my friend that his little girl was born safely. i feel good about that! congrats mom and dad!

so last night went incredibly well. after the mad dash to indianapolis, we found the room and introduced nine new people to the game. one fellow, his son and his friend stood out in particular. they are from tennessee and really enjoyed it. since i only brought a limited amount of cards and they wanted to take a deck with them, i told them to stop back by on friday or saturday and they could have one.

good deeds for good fans!

and it went pretty well. with nine players, we set them up 1v1 across the table from one another and jen got to play one as well to make up for the odd man out. several questions came up and as there were two people who had come in late they missed a little bit and got confused at the end and gave me some very helpful feedback.

here is the list of items that i believe everyone there contributed to and the solution in parenthesis that you will see soon or has already been fixed.

1. add subtext on turn phase chart to include your basic action underneath the phase (will do)
2. make sure that i send artwork owners an email if i am going to use their art (already do)
3. have the cards legible (printer error. ripped up erroneous cards this morning)
4. define the attack phase more properly. how many attacks per turn? (will do)
5. deck building was not covered (i had pre-built the decks. editing them this morning)
6.define how many cards can be in play at once like general and strategy (will do)

yes. a good list of things to cover. i really like the idea of subtext under the turn phase chart. turn dynamics are something that makes the game smooth and nice.

well... i hope to add some pictures and/or video soon. we were so hectic last night that i forgot to do so... even though we had pictures taken of us... heh.


post script - today i hope will be a little more organized and wonderful. last night we were in a building that was two blocks away from registration (union station). today we are actually in the main convention hall itself. you should have seen us running from parking to the will call gate to the game room. :)

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