Saturday, August 17, 2013

gencon 2013 8/16/13 - learning is fun!

the day was great! running around to different workshops getting mental pictures of how to do things in real life versus the life of my imaginations. attended a seminar on patenting, trademarking and copyrighting... attended another seminar on how to run a successful kickstarter campaign... had a fabulous lunch with jenn, showed several people my game and had a blast with aaron at 9 pm playing empires and generals.

 you never know what cool people that you will meet.

off to bed! time to talk tomorrow.

i have a busy day planned! the workshops i am attending tomorrow are:

Building Community from the Ground Up: Tips for Small Game Studios on Sat at 11:00 AM
Publishing 101: How to Publish Your Adventure, Bestiary, or Campaign on Sat at 10:00 AM
Kickstarters: Preparation and Communication on Sat at 12:00 PM
Game Design Business: Publishing (and Funding) on Sat at 01:00 PM
Kickstarter: More Than Meets The Eye on Sat at 2:00 PM or
Getting Your Games Published on Sat at 2:00 PM

 so i've definitely got my moneys worth just in information alone.

 then tomorrow is another game event.

 i sure wish i knew how to market.

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