Monday, September 16, 2013

9/16/13 - a recent letter

a concerned citizen writes in today- 


How are things going with E&G? I was getting ready to print off all my cards that I have been collecting since I first heard of the zip file was corrupted. :( Anyway I started re-downloaded them individually when I noticed some some of the empires were empty. Since I havent received a newsletter in a while I figured I would email you and see how things are going and what I can do to get more cards. Im getting ready to teach a bunch of my friends how to play so I was hoping to re-collect as many as I could. Hope everything is going good. :) Thank you far all the hard work put into this game.


pauly responds - 

yes. some of the empires are indeed not ready for release yet.

persia is empty but greece should be getting done soon... just some tweaking left...

there is more to come!

trying to finish up the plague stuff and the prince and act of God and filling up greece all at the same time!


so much to do!

thanks for playing man. i will send out a newsletter here pretty soon.



and thank you for teaching your friends!

sorry the .zip was corrupted! i tried to send it to school but it was just a bad seed!


thanks for the letter!

have fun!


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