Thursday, September 5, 2013


why are there pyramids of enormous size all over the earth?

why can't we reconstruct the technology to build them?

why are there statues and buildings and tombs with doors and ceilings and chairs that cater to people over 25 feet high left in the middle of the desert?

why are there stories as far back as time goes on every continent with an indigenous people about "other" people who were ten, twenty, even thirty feet high and who were cruel?

is there truth to the gigantopithecus study?

were there giants that lived on this planet?

the bible talks of giants, and every culture has a deluge story that mostly include deaths of giants.

where does modern man come into the picture?

at what point does homo-sapien say:

"i deserve the truth about the other races of men".

i defer to the history hidden in historical documents, not the history written by the technophile.

i am currently working on an expansion regarding giants.

it should be ready sometime in 2014.

i just get really excited about it because my book "by the gates of the garden of eden" talks a little bit about them.

oh. i've said too much.

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