Thursday, September 12, 2013


What is Leadership?

Leadership is that unknown force, that weird charisma that makes several people want to follow one person. In Empires and Generals, your Soldiers follow your General into battle. But often, a General is not present. When there is no battle leader, you may have another professional in the Warcamp lead the charge into the Battlefield. A Philosopher might bring the men into a battle fury with tales from long ago. A Doctor might rouse the men to find a cure for a disease, it takes just one man... whether he has a sword or not.

Empires and Generals recognizes that in history there are men of such caliber that will bring men to fight for them and it calls it: "Leadership". We used to call it "Does not need a General to attack", and this is still valid. Leadership has been added to the glossary for you. Thanks! Have fun and GAME ON!

==========Glossary Update==========

Leadership - This Unit is specifically marked with an icon in the upper right of the card. Typically Leadership is a General, but it may be a Philosopher, Doctor or other.

Needs no Leadership - This unit is typically a Soldier and does not need a General or any other Leadership Card in play to attack.

==========Glossary Update==========

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